Services That Hit the Mark

J*Lis Management Consulting service offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Provide an assessment of current practices and an evaluation of current processes.
  • Create or re-engineer new recruiting and hiring processes. Document and receive agreement on these new systems.
  • Roll out new procedures and methods to all participants.
  • Train managers, recruiters and decision makers.
  • Create new reports that will enable management to effectively impact their bottom line and use their resources.
  • Audit and provide an impact analysis after 90 days.
  • Work with the client's other divisions and locations and repeat the process.
  • Contract recruiting.

When a client's management team works together with J*Lis Management Consulting, the results will include:

  • Improve retention.
  • Decrease the number of hours that management needs to invest in the hiring process.
  • Decrease the number of days it takes to find and hire new employees.
  • Make better, more effective hires.
  • Positively impact the business's bottom line by having the appropriate employee, in the right position, more quickly, doing their job with less ramp up time and with less management time being spent on the interview process. Bolster revenues because of appropriate retention and with the improved productivity that comes with long-term employees.